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About me
Last updated: 2 November 2013.

Thank you for visiting my website.

My name is Babacar Badiane and I've been working for an IT company as a Java developer for several years now. What I had in mind when I created this website was to share my experience by providing a collection of tutorials that cover the essential Java SE topics I believe every Java developer should be comfortable with.

More importantly, I tried, as much as possible, to ease the learning process by sequencing the tutorials logically, so that the prerequisites for a given tutorial are the topics covered in the previous tutorials. Furthermore, I was concerned about writing these tutorials in a straightforward and concise style, with many source code examples.

My feeling about Java is that because it's easy to use, it shouldn't be hard to learn. In fact, there is not much to know before being able to develop applications based on the Java SE technology which is the foundation on top of which the other Java technologies (Java EE, Java ME and Java FX) are built.

I've learned Java during university years with other programming languages including assembly language, C, OCaml, VRML and OpenGL. Although I enjoyed using some of these languages (especially OpenGL), Java was my favourite. Because I had practiced a lot of C before learning Java, I litterally fell in love with Java when I discovered that, unlike C, memory management was an automated process in Java. Also, when I realized that one can virtually do anything with Java and run it anywhere, I started playing with Java in my spare time, developing all kinds of applications.

After university, I was hired by an IT company and I think everything important that I know now about Java has come from my job, as I had the chance to be involved in large projects (with exposure to industrial standards and practices associated with Java). I learned a lot from colleagues who had been using Java longer than I had as well. It has been a very rewarding experience that led me to write these tutorials about Java SE.

To build this website, I used the Struts 2 framework. I also added a bit of jQuery and created all the images with Gimp. For the code samples syntax highlighting, I used the Java2Html Eclipse plugin.

Your feedback is highly appreciated. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to email me.

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